What clients and colleagues have said about me: 

As Creative Director of Art of Product Marketing of Aetna | ActiveHealth Management:
Suzanne Bedell, Head of Marketing, Aetna | ActiveHealth Management
"Meg has a great passion for creative excellence and applies this passion to every initiative she works on. She is a strategic thinker who adds value to every initiative be it strategic or tactical. Meg has extensive experience across the continuum of design and has received some recent industry awards and accolades for her work. She is a dedicated team player and always goes the extra mile. She can pivot very well from one initiative to another with a keen ability to maintain focus on the respective goals and objectives. Meg has experience in designing for multiple audiences in the business to business and business to consumer markets. Meg is a highly valued member of every team initiative."
Wadida Murib-Holmes, Executive Director, State of NC, ActiveHealth Management
"We are sending a great big kudos and the highest of recommendations for Meg Levine. Meg is wonderful and has been tremendous in all the many and various creative design work pieces she has provided to support our relationship with NC State Health Plan. Meg understands the brand, our clients, print media, digital media and the specific needs of various communication campaigns and audiences. My entire team in NC, that supports NC State Health Plan, thinks very highly of Meg. She is the person we seek out for all our creative solutions for our single largest client."
Pamela Krol, EVP, Account Management, ActiveHealth Management
"Meg is very thoughtful and thorough to understand her client's needs and then to apply her creative talents to design communication campaigns that typically exceed the client's expectations. Her commitment to her work and clients is demonstrated by the time and focus she brings to each and every project."
Larry Siegal, EVP, Reporting & Informatics, ActiveHealth Management
“I lead the Customer Reporting Team for ActiveHealth and Meg has been a great resource in helping us advance our visual display in telling our value story. The depth and breadth of Meg’s knowledge, not only of graphic design and aesthetics, but of the client (internal and external) and what will be most effective in marketing an idea to the consumer is clear in everything she does.  She consistently delivers, goes above and beyond and is highly collaborative in her work.  We trust her to take something highly technical which requires predictive modeling and complex data points, and turn it into a visual that explains the concept simply so that a ‘non-data person’ could look at it and immediately understand the concept.”
Bonnie Leff, Strategic Planning Manager at ActiveHealth Management, Inc.
"When you are working on a deadline, and need to impress a client, or a high ranking insider, Meg is the person you want to partner with. The give and take dialogue before the creative process is the key for her. FIrst she understands the goal and the audience...then the juices and ideas begin to form and you are on your way. You judge a good partner by whether or not you want to be working next them at crunch time to get your project across the finish line. Meg is that person."
As Creative Director | Art Director | Branding  Designer in advertising
Angela Rossetti, Board Director at Viramal, EVP, Cell Machines, Inc.
Meg Levine is an inspired, brilliant designer! She is highly attentive to detail, always meets deadlines, and produces visually beautiful and creative work. I highly recommend Meg for everything from logo design to websites and everything else needed to create a memorable marketing image.”
Lori Spielberger, former EVP, Chief Creative Officer, Euro RSCG Life Metamax NY
"I have known and worked with Meg Levine for 15 years. She is a consummate professional -- committed, industrious and genuinely interested in putting forth a great creative product. Meg possesses artistic talent and impressive design skills and works independently but is collaborative in her approach, which is important to ensuring pull-through of brand and team vision. I have always enjoyed working with Meg." 
VP, Marketing, Fera Pharmaceuticals
"Meg Levine is a pleasure to work with. Her creative thinking is always on target and her execution is flawless." 
Joe Garamella, Creative Director, Writer and Creative Consultant
“I’ve worked with Meg for many years—both on staff and as freelance creative partners. Whenever we team up, I know Meg will bring a range of cleanly designed, strategically sound creative solutions to the table. Her work is fresh and free. Yet at the same time it has a rational basis to it—rooted in the strengths of the brand and resonant in the competitive marketplace. Meg is also very knowledgeable about digital media and web site design. Together, we’ve built a number of web sites from scratch, including my own. With Meg on the job, you can be sure your project will get done professionally, efficiently and beautifully." 
Jeffrey A. Zipper, M.D., Chief Executive Officer, National Pain Institute
“Meg provides diligent hard work, excellent communication and a quick turn around time. The new logo and marketing materials that Meg and her group created are precisely what we were looking for. After just a few rounds of concepts and revisions we were extremely pleased with the results.” 
Andy Marber, Partner, Senior Copywriter, Ogilvy Healthworld
“Having partnered with Meg for a number of years at Ogilvy Healthworld, I can say that Meg has extraordinary creative capabilities, which are matched by her excellent computer skills. Her brilliance helped win a major account from Wyeth. Meg’s expertise in branding was also evident in the many, many jobs we worked on for multiple brands. A proficient manager, Meg supervised both staff and freelance art directors.” 
Eva Schicker, VP, former Associate Creative Director, Euro RSCG Life Metamax NY
“Meg Levine has worked with Euro RSCG Life MetaMax for many years. She is a trusted, talented and top-notch creative. For every assignment, Meg has contributed beautiful and strategic creative, and… she is a pleasure to work with!” 
Brian Alex, Creative Director, Excitant Healthcare
“As the Group Supervisor/ Creative of Adair-Greene McCann, I found Meg to be an outstanding creative resource. Whether it be designing a logo, brochure or ad layout, or hitting the concept trail with us, she continually showed thorough professionalism through all aspects of the process.She never missed a beat! Meg is someone you will always want on your side when it comes to putting a great idea, concept or design in front of your clients. 
Janice Savage, Creative Manager, former Studio Director, Ogilvy Healthworld
“Meg knows her way around the computer. We worked together for over 6 years at Ogilvy Healthworld. At Ogilvy, Meg always handled the complex projects with ease. She gives good direction and doesn’t mind pulling up her sleeves to help other out.”

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